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Kathy's Background
   "Outstanding!  Every teacher should go through this program!"
Sabrina Maltby
Teacher of the Year
  City of Manchester
"Kathy helped us find ways to make our play-based learning activities more inclusive of a range of math skills while at the same time reducing adult math anxieties and increasing fun and challenges for children." 
Diane Edwards
Past Director, Preschool
Claremont, NH
    "We did a program when I was with Springfield Area Starting Points.  It helped us identify ways to include more math in our day to day activities in a very comfortable way."
Rachel Hunter
Pre-K Coordinator
Springfield VT
School District 

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Henry's Helpers - a hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers.
  Wise adventurers pick whom they follow very carefully. 
If you are your own hero (leader), the journey is waaay more fun!
  It's usually safer, too!