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The great news is that
this site is better off
if it isn't popular.
Figured out why yet?

(What the unkind can't
find is better for the
the rest of us because
then, unkind people
can't wreck what
they can't find.)

This site only has to find a
few nice, caring people and
help them succeed. We are
hoping that you are one of
the nice and caring. 

Because helping people like
you is so important,
we try to avoid including
 anything on the site that could
 cause a conflict of interest
 with its purpose.

That is partly why not all of the
material on this site is free.
How people spend their money
tells you what they value. 
Be observant!

Here is an interesting question
for recipe seekers.

Have you figured out what stuff
can cause a conflict of interest?


Thank you for visiting. 
Here is hoping you find
all the great clues!

Quick tip for those who have
figured out the answer to the
the Big Question,please be
  careful who you tell.

Although most people are
nice, not everyone is.
Even more importantly,
not everyone is capable of
understanding when they aren't.

(Hey recipe seekers, what clues does this page provide? 
How might you use those clues to help you in the world?)

Henry's Helpers
A hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers. Wise seekers pick whom they follow very carefully. Figured out why yet? Watch out for the lost followers!  They might not know what they are doing....