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Welcome to all the nice people
 who are growing their brains so
they will be able to create their
own better solutions later in life!
It is waaaay more fun!

It is so important to grow your own skills so
 you can help yourself have a wonderful life
and escape uncaring or unkind people. 

Imagine never having grown the right skills
and then having to hope someone else is capable
of saving you every time you have a problem?
Is that a good idea? 
What if the person you are depending
 on didn't learn the right skills either?

Let's make sure you are able to take care
of you and the people you care about! 
 Ready to get started?


From Kathy: Hi!!! It is so good to see you here!  The activities and information on these pages can benefit anyone who wants to participate.  Many don't cost much money or need sophisticated technology to be effective. They just need to be shared .... There is also no judging needed, so please focus on learning, doing and sharing! 

For adults who need to rebuild their math skills in order to be able to better protect themselves and their families from someone who isn't nice, here is where to start.


Prepping for Success
Staying Successful
Overview of where to focus for elementary and middle school students arriving soon

Go Fish 13!

 Go Fish pic

Game for practicing
addition and subtraction


More Activities




This website is made possible by the materials on it, the designer's tutoring and the past support of her parents and sister.  It doesn't take a lot of money to make a difference; it just takes using one's money wisely.  Be very careful of the people who don't use their own money to make a difference.  Much thanks to all who are working hard to solve the problems that matter for the rest of us.

Henry's Helpers
A hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers. Wise seekers pick whom they follow very carefully.  Please choose wisely.  Maybe it is better to learn how to be your own hero.

Something to consider: As you learn about all the types of people in the world, it is important to realize the following. Most people are nice, but not all people.  There are a lot of people in the world who don't know how to tell the difference.  You might want to learn for yourself.  Happy hunting!