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For adults who need to redo their math fundamentals, here are some suggestions:

The first step is to find the gaps that are holding you back. For most people, those gaps happened in elementary school and then compounded. Later math classes became frustrating and demoralizing. Being able to handle fundamental math skills quickly and efficiently is an important part of success in later classes.

One of the most efficient ways to find and fix early gaps is to use elementary math workbooks. The reason is that most of the workbooks are inexpensive and well organized with a list of skills for that grade at the front. Although worksheets and workbooks are not necessarily exciting or entertaining, they are one of the fastest ways to learn and practice fundamental skills. Most importantly, they can be done at whatever pace works for the learner.

Start with as early a grade as you feel your gaps started (fractions usually start around third grade). Spend about 10 minutes a day doing worksheets and practicing your skills. If you wish for extra practice in a particular skill, google practice worksheets for that skill. Keep at it. Focus on progress, not judging. Some skills will take longer to learn than others. Go at your pace.  You will be amazed at your progress over the course of even just a few weeks.

Then, check the Preventing Troubles Page to make sure you haven't missed any important concepts.

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