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Go Fish 13! 
is a card game that helps people of any age
build faster addition and subtraction skills.
  It grows an important part of the brain.

      It plays like regular Go Fish except players ask for cards that add to 13.  The King counts as 13, the Queen as 12, the Jack as 11 and all the other cards are their face value.  Whoever has the most pairs that add to 13 at the end wins.
      There are lots of ways to vary the game.  Players can change what number they want the cards to add to and they can change how many cards can count as a set.  For example, adding to 18 with up to 3 cards.  The game helps kids figure out all the number tricks they can use to make adding or subtracting faster. 
       For kids who haven't learned their numbers yet, play regular Go Fish with a real deck of cards.  Or, make your own deck with numbers you want to learn.  More math enrichment ideas can be found in Kathy's book Easy Math Enrichment - Vol. 1, Preschool  available on Amazon.

Henry's Helpers - a hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers.
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