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The following recommendations match many states early learning standards. Included are also a few extra math skills to help youngsters be better prepared and prevent later gaps. 
These are part of Kathy's books Early Math Enrichment for Busy Parents and You're Already Good at Math!  (available on Amazon and elsewhere)


Creating "World Ready" Skills

From The Beginning:

Begin to understand the concept of symbols (that "2" means an amount)

Counting and numbers (1-20)  Comparing - tall or short, more or less, etc.   

Sorting - organizing items by a particular feature 

Shapes - circles, squares, triangles, then cubes, spheres (balls) and pyramids name, draw and compare (curves or straight lines, number of sides)  

Begin the concepts of addition and subtraction 
example: 5-3=2 start with numbers 0-5  

Begin the concept of measuring - height, distance, amount, etc.   example: amount for cooking - 1 cup  

Begin understanding the role of math in making choices along with how used in other areas


Note:  There are lots of activities that can help youngsters build these skills.  Activities don't have to be elaborate.  Practice is really the most important component. 

Some youngsters will need more practice in some concepts than others because every person learns differently.  The key is to go at the pace of the learner. 

Henry's Helpers
A hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers.  Wise seekers pick whom they follow very carefully. If you become your own hero, the journey is lots more fun and much better for you!  Want to know why? 

Because, it's usually safer! 
Most people are nice, but not all people. 
It is important to be able to tell the difference. How
do you plan on learning how to tell the difference? 
Especially if a superhero doesn't show up?