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Here is some of Kathy's background and experience:
Publisher of Kathy's Helpful Hints for families trying not to overpay for college and other advanced educational solutions.  More information on EmpoweringLearners.com.  (Part of how Kathy pays for food, healthcare, housing and other necessities of life.  Thanks ahead of time for believing that is important.)
Over 10,000 hours working one on one in person with students of many ages and backgrounds.
Familiar with the curriculums of multiple schools and grade levels - including public, private and several college level curriculums.  Able to compare curriculums and methodologies in real world implementations including IB, AP and others.
BA - Math/Social Sciences - Dartmouth College
Certificate in Educational Technology - MITx - verifiable
Masters in Education, Southern New Hampshire University - On Campus
Completed over 18 courses on the new education platforms Edx and Coursera including:  (Loved these courses, awesome professors!)
MITx - Solid State Chemistry, Biology - The Secret to Life, Design & Development of Educational Technology and many others.   
Harvard University - Introduction to Neuroscience
Duke - Introduction to Chemistry & Intro to Genetics
The Ohio State - Calculus I
Georgetown - Genomics
UC Berkeley - Statistics - Parts 1,2 & 3
University of Delpht - Solar Energy
Prior to moving to education, acquired over 20 years experience in very competitive business environments both on the front lines and in management.  Industries included technology, financial services and retail. 
Is the author of several books and programs for younger learners that integrate math, science and nonfiction literacy to grow key skills for today's world.  Books include: Simple Machines Make Work Easier, Oh No! Where Did All The Money Go? and several for parents.

Henry's Helpers
A hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers. Wise seekers pick whom they follow very carefully.  Please choose wisely.  Maybe it is better to learn how to be your own hero.

Something to consider: As you learn about all the types of people in the world, it is important to realize the following. Most people are nice, but not all people.  There are a lot of people in the world who don't know how to tell the difference.  You might want to learn for yourself.  Happy hunting!