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Corner photo and other photos of Henry the Great Blue
were taken by my mom


Hello to all who venture to my site and thank you. I hope you have discovered a few of the secret messages buried amongst its pages and used them to free yourself of the things that keep you from accomplishing your dreams. (Because, who knows which of us may actually be counting on you to achieve those dreams?)

Kathy's Bio in kids imagery-

K. Stoughton is just one of the millions of hard working intelligent "elves" who spent years and years in lots of Santas' workshops (the working world) learning how to make "toys".  She learned about all types of toys and lots of different toymakers.  Just as importantly, she learned about all the different types of Santas and which Santas actually knew what they were doing.   Isn't that an important thing to know - which Santas actually know how to do the work and can be counted on when we need them?

  Now, although she doesn't have much money and has to always be working, she spends her time helping hard working students make the most of their skills and learn how to become amazing "toymakers."  Good toymakers are who makes the world a better place for all of us.   

(Here's a secret you can't tell Santa - 'cause we don't want him to feel bad.   But, the elves who know how to make toys always get to play with the new toys first.  So, while you are waiting for Santa, please make sure one of the toys you give/get is one that you have created.  You will be amazed at how fun it is - because the greatest gift of all is the ability to create your own joy!!!

Happy Holidays all year long!  May Joy find you! Or, even better may you find Joy!

Please note: Santa and Santa's workshop is a kid level analogy to describe the developer's background. Those concerned that she actually believes she worked in Santa's workshop, can feel more confident by reading her real world bio.
As a note, however, please remember, this site is not dedicated to proving the credentials of the designer.  It is dedicated to curious learners with personal initiative upon whose thinking skills we will all depend for our futures. 

It does not require m a lot to change the world.......
               all it requires is a little ingenuity and some people who care.

Henry's Helpers
A hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers. Wise seekers pick whom they follow very carefully. Figured out why yet? Watch out for the lost followers!  They might not know what they are doing....