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Looking at the things around us can be interesting and sometimes funny!

Feel free to get a chuckle at these -
people forget that no new skill begins at perfect.
We can't be afraid to make mistakes or take risks...
the secret is just knowing which risks are good ones.

Besides, you should have seen the outtakes...

Click on them to play the video.  It connects you to YouTube. 

Professor McGonnaWannabe's ('cause we're all gonna wannabe something) are below, too.

What do these herons
 remind you of?

Want to know what my nephew said?
Click here to find out?

 Check out this osprey?
What might he be thinking?

About those "Yertles" ...
need a chuckle and to know why "Macks" matter?
(Do you know who Mack is?)

Are you really sure the people around you are asking the right questions?   Because, it isn't always just about the "Yertle" is it?

Do you ever want to end up like the adults in this story?


And, all because they believed the people who told them that they were entitled.

Remember, this site didn't need a lot of people to see it.  It only needed/needs a few good ones like you.  And, for you to decide what you are going to DO with the new skills you've built.  Because, sometimes quality really is more important than quantity. 

Clue:  Remember, at some point, everyone will probably need to be able to tell who is who all on their own.   

FYI - for the "seekers", can you figure out what makes
 Yertle and his "follower" turtles so funny?  

Henry's Helpers
A hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers. Wise seekers pick whom they follow very carefully. It is pretty important to learn the skills that will help you choose wisely and avoid the people who didn't.