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Here are a few of the tactics
that good test takers have already discovered
and are happy to share with you.

It's not magic ..... it's practice
and then just aiming to do better than you thought you could.

Everyone can do that........

Here's the most important tip - learn from someone who knows and start early.

Learn from someone who has done well on the test and knows how to help others learn important skills.  It's just like the secret to succeeding in life - choosing whom you learn from makes all the difference ....   people who can build the right allies have a lot more choices down the road.

And, practice matters.  The earlier one starts practicing, the easier it is to do well.  (The less it costs, too .... people who wait pay a lot more than those who started earlier.)  That means for many of the tests, start ahead of time. 


Be careful of those who think they are entitled to "judge" your scores.

Before you believe them, you need to know how they did on the tests, whether they actually understand your world and how the test could help you.  There are a lot of "judgers" today with lots of opinions and many of those opinions are just being used to make someone else money. The "judgers" don't even know they are being used - or they don't care.

The good part is that success is not about how you compare to other people, it's about how you compare to you .... did you do better this time than last time?  It's all about you - not about the "judgers."  Use tests as a strategy to help you become better at the skills you will need later on - stop worrying about today's scores.

(Be even more careful of the "blamers" - the teachers and the schools were just the easiest to blame.  The moment you see "blamers" you need to start looking for what the "blamers" are hiding.  And that goes for everywhere in society.)

If you learn the material the right way ...
Then tests become easier.  So, does Algebra and Geometry.  Math is much, much simpler if you learn it the right way.   And, be very careful of the people who say you can't learn it or can't be good at it.  That is so untrue.  Sometimes, you just need the right kind of help.
Here is another really important part of that statement.  People who have been nice to the right people along the way, have plenty of knowledgeable mentors and teachers willing to help them do well.  (eg.  Think about it like this.  I'm a girl.  I like being a girl.  I plan on staying a girl.  And, just like Harry Potter said ..."why would I go near someone who doesn't like me" so why would I go near someone who doesn't like or respect girls? There are too many more important things to do in the world .....)

Most importantly, remember that one score on one test won't decide your destiny. Something else will.  A test is just a snapshot of your current progress.   Use it to figure out what you might want to become better at doing.

Plan ahead and practice.

Many tests are thinking tests.  It takes time and practice to build good thinking skills.  The earlier one starts, the easier it is to do well on those tests.    Just learn it from someone who has already done well on that test and knows how to help others build the right skills.  Attracting the right allies can make a big difference in how you do. (Repeat this section as needed for emphasis. Were you nice to the right people?  Lots of adults weren't.)

(Don't be snowed -  the "immediate gratification" scam is only for people who plan on being the easiest victims.)

Here's the most important concept to know, there isn't a teacher in the world who can make up for someone else's lack of practice.  It is very important to check how much time and effort someone invested in learning to know whether they are telling you the truth.  (Be careful, some people will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to take your money or get your vote.  There are a lot of people in the world who like money more than they like you.) 

More skill builders are coming soon.

Get ready for a great adventure!

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