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Contacting the Designer

 Thank you so much for your interest.
Please remember that on the internet,
it is very, very important to know
who one is working with in order
not to get hurt by the wrong people.
In her real world job, Kathy 
(aka the Professors in the videos and her books)
has to work incredibly hard in order
to pay for her food, housing, health
insurance and other important items.
That means she has to focus
on working with people who
value what she does.
Most of the time
that requires finding
them in the real world.
  She hopes she will see you
in the real world where the laughs
are waaay more fun!. 
Keep on the lookout
for where she might appear.

Where's she's been ...

Henry's Helpers - a hero is usually only as good as his helpers.
  Wise adventurers pick whom they follow very carefully. 
If you are your own hero (leader), the journey is waaay more fun!
  It's usually safer, too!