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Preventing troubles is more fun
than having to fix them!
   Most times, though, preventing troubles doesn't make as much money as fixing them so not all people care about preventing troubles.  It's important to find out first whether someone really cares about the same things you do or if they are just saying they do.
  Have you found all the cool strategies on this site that let you prevent expensive troubles?
P.S. Want to know another very important discovery.
Why is it never a good idea to be a bully or to help one?  Why is it also not a good idea to be mean or help someone mean? 
I have figured it out, can you?

Henry's Helpers
A hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers. Wise seekers pick whom they follow very carefully. Sometimes, it is better, safer and more fun for you to be your own hero.

Something to consider: As you learn about all the types of people in the world, it is important to realize the following. Not every person shares all the information that is important for you to know. (Sometimes, because they don't even know it themselves.) Make sure you learn how to discover what information is missing and that information might not be on the 'net.  Happy hunting!