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Just a few of the libraries where learning math is fun! 
As Michelle and Eva from Harvey-Mitchell Library in Epping, NH say 
"This is a great program.  We have fun and the kids have fun, too.
  We will be doing it again." 
  "This program is great!
I would love to bring it to the school where I teach math." 
Sabrina Maltby,
 Dudley-Tucker Library,
Raymond, NH



 Raymond, NH




 Claremont, NH



Mid-County Library,
Charlotte, FL



 Punta Gorda, FL


Henry's Helpers - a hero is usually only as good as his or her helpers.
  Wise adventurers pick whom they follow very carefully. 
If you are your own hero (leader), the journey is waaay more fun!
  It's usually safer, too!